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Our Mission

African Economic Development Solutions (AEDS) builds wealth within African immigrant communities through economic development activities. We work throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area to create wealth, lift immigrant communities out of poverty, and contribute to and benefit from the region’s vibrant economy.

About This Event

The African Economic Development Solutions invites you and your institution to support and participate in Lifting As We Climb: Unleashing the Potential of African Leaders, 2022 National African Leadership Conference.


Hosted virtually, the 2022 event was a tremendous success, with African leaders from across Minnesota and the country going to their allies in critical discussions on issues of most concern and opportunities for African communities. Back by popular demand, we are excited to produce the 2022 event in-person and virtually to engage leaders nationwide on Friday, December 8, 2023, virtually.


Joining us again this year as the keynote is Professor PLO Lumumba, the Founder, and Chairman of the PLO Lumumba Foundation Ltd. He is a renowned Lawyer and founding Partner of Lumumba & Lumumba Advocates Law Firm. He has over 35 years of experience in legal practice and is an academician holding a Doctorate degree in The Law of the Sea from Ghent University in Belgium. Prof. Lumumba is an Advocate of the High Courts of Kenya and Tanzania, a Commissioner for Oaths, and a Notary Public. He is a Certified Secretary, a Certified Mediator, and an author of several books in the legal and other fields. He is a passionate Pan-Africanist and is the leading Voice for Africa and of Africa.


We hope you and your institution will seize this tremendous occasion to connect with Africans across the country. We look forward to your support and participation.

Conference Greeting

A greeting from Dr. Gene Gelgelu introducing the 2022 National African Leadership Conference - a lived experience of African artists and Culture Creators in Preserving, Honoring and Transforming African Culture Heritage & Identity.

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Introduction & Speech of 
Dr. Lumumba, 2021
National African
Leadership Conference

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