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4th Annual African

Leadership Conference

August 1 & 2 | In-person and Virtual

August 3rd | African leaders-in-action Bus Tour

5th Annual African Leadership Conference

The 2024 African Leadership Conference joins African immigrant leaders in Minneapolis with African leaders globally to learn strategies and skills to be outstanding leaders. Several sessions emphasize unique leadership - women, youth, and business owners - lead by top African leaders in their fields. They explain the trials, critical paths, and lessons learned to be the leaders they are today. Join us for an additional day on August 3rd for a bus tour of African culture and business leaders in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area.


Registration open June 2024.

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Gain African Immigrant Community

With a focus of the Conference on African Immigrants and leadership, the space is perfect to strengthen African community locally, virtually, and globally. Hear African Immigrant leaders in business, government, and nonprofit talk about their paths and lessons learned. See 2023 pictures of our Conference. 

Learn Leadership Skills

Leadership guides the future. The

Conference hosted sessions on leadership roles in youth, business owners, and women. The experts in their field shared their advice on developing the skills needed to be strong leaders. 

Join Like Minds

The conference is a place to share and learn from African community leaders. On Saturday, we will announce the winners of the Lifetime Achievement Awards. In its 3rd year, AEDS celebrates individuals who have displayed leadership throughout their lives. See the 2023 winners!

2024 February Forum

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Building a Shared Black Identity: Exploring common experiences of African Americans & African Immigrant communities

February 21, 2024 | 11 am - 1 pm CT | 1 pm - 3 pm ET

For the first forum of 2024, we will talk about the shared black identity in connection with black history month. Join us we discuss how the path of African Immigrant combines with the lived experience of African Americans. Speakers and moderators will discuss expectations, realities, and shared community-building in America. 

2023 Conference Session Topics

African Immigrants Challenges in Wealth Building Efforts


In this important session we will look at the lack of capital for Africans seeking to build wealth after relocation.  Experts will focus on areas including the business education available so African immigrants can meet their goal to start businesses and establish themselves financial.

Advancing African Women in Leadership


Women strive for leadership in business and policy. For African immigrant women, working toward advancement brings a host of policy needs to fulfill their goals. Learn the case of public policy from experts in the field and women who have excelled at leadership.

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Advancing African Youth in Leadership

Youth are the prospect for great tomorrows. Knowing how to encourage and guide African Youth is of utmost importance as we eventually hand the reigns over to them. Meet amazing experts working with youth. Learn how they develop leadership and their top recommendations for policy.


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